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Our gym is home to some of Edinburgh’s personal trainers, with a fantastic in-house team as well as some very talented independent trainers who have chosen to work from Energy Gym because of the great facility we offer.  

Each trainer offers something different and are independent because they are damn good at what they do. Specialities include sports performance, re-habilitation, pilates, bodybuilding, powerlifting, Olympic lifting and nutrition. All of them offer great training to improve all-round fitness.

Our impressive in-house team includes Callum Watt our General Manager, Poppy Croal (Assistant Manager), Greg Cannie, Rebecca Gow, David Guy, Joe Wilson & Natalia Witt.  This fantastic team are on hand to support any questions you may have and deliver Energy Gym inductions.  We are lucky as they all have their own fitness specialisms including sports performance, bodybuilding and nutrition.  

Our independent personal trainers are also phenomenal – having built their reputations on great service, in-depth knowledge and results.  This includes Andy Hamilton & Sheona Lindsay from Alba Lifestyle, Mark Flannigan PT & Pilates, Joe Mills from One Eighty Training, Matt Peacock of Primal Performance and Craig Smith Personal Training.

Some of our in-house team also work independently too from Energy Gym including Rebecca Gow (ThinkFit Training), David Guy (The Fit Guy) and Natalia Witt (Alba Lifestyle).   See below to find out more or indeed to book a taster session with any of them.

You don’t have to join Energy Gym to train with them
(although that will get you the best results) and can contact them directly.  

In House Team


Callum Watt – General Manager


Callum is a fitness fanatic, mountaineer and chess sorcerer. He is best known for his healthy mind, healthy body philosophy. Callum began training in gyms over 20 years ago aged 14. He was inspired by his Dad Tom, who at the time was 2 time Scottish NABBA bodybuilding champion (over 40s). Callum has a diverse work background, with over 15 years of leadership, coaching and managerial experience in the corporate sector with major companies including Barclays, Standard Life, Capita and F&C Asset Management. He combines this wealth of experience with 6 years working in the Health and Fitness industry, as both a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor.

He is passionate about outdoor fitness, enjoys reading, world travel and especially playing chess games, and conquering mountains!  Callum is a level 3 qualified Personal Trainer, and former Scottish Junior Chess Champion. He recently completed his lifetime goal of climbing all of Scotland’s 282 Munros, and has also summited mountains in New Zealand and the Canadian Rockies.

Callum manages the Energy Gym in-house personal training team so will match you to the right trainer for inductions and personal training.

Contact Callum on 0131 443 6526 or email him at

Poppy Croal – Assistant Manager


Poppy has been involved in sports from a young age and kayaking has always been the main focus.  She started when she was only 8 years old and first competed for Great Britain on her 18th birthday. Belief it or not, she started training at Energy Gym at just 13 so perhaps it was fate that she has subsequently become Assistant Manager.  Poppy’s training ethic is second to none, spending a lot of time on training camps for kayaking/canoeing and working with young people at the Forth Canoe Club, teaching the next generation how to do this great sport.  Indeed, Poppy’s dedication won her the 2013 Scottish Canoe Association’s young person’s Coach of the Year Award.

Poppy is a beast when she trains, with an all-round functional fitness approach.  She can be seen popping out pull ups and doing the splits most days but likes to mix it up doing all things gym from strength training to body weight exercises, stretching and cardio!  

Greg Cannie – Gym Supervisor


Greg grew up in the Middle East before returning to the UK to study law at university, eventually settling in Edinburgh. Greg became a member of Energy Gym last year, having trained at the gym for a number of years beforehand.  Greg’s main sporting focus lies in rugby, where he plays for our amazing in-house Rugby team Boroughmuir as well as competitive 7s sides such as the Co-Optimists on the GB7s series.

Greg trains hard – tailoring training to both forms of the game by combining plyometric and speed based work for the faster paced shortened format of the sport with regular weight and resistance training for the more physical demands of 15-a-side rugby. More recently he has started to utilising Pilates and flexibility work as a means of injury prevention and enhancing career longevity.

Greg is interested in sport-specific training and am keen to help out with anyone looking for ways to tailor their training programme to achieve the best results possible for their particular sport.

Rebecca Gow – Gym Supervisor and PT


Rebecca (ThinkFit Training) is a fully qualified Kettlebell Instructor and REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer, and is also in the middle of a Sport, Fitness and Coaching (BSc) degree. She loves all aspects of fitness, and has a particular interest in strength training and free weights. She is absolutely passionate about finding the right program and approach to suit her clients and their needs.

Rebecca has been involved in sport and exercise for well over a decade, and found her way into personal training through coaching roller derby (a full contact women’s sport on roller skates) and running sport-specific bootcamps. Having been all over the spectrum herself in terms of fitness, health and weight, Rebecca understands the struggle of creating a positive and effective relationship with exercise and nutrition. She offers block bookings with support between sessions, and is committed to helping you meet your goals. Email or visit for more .

Natalia Witt – Gym Supervisor, PT


Natalia is a competitive body builder, newly qualified PT, and vibrant personality in the gym, Natalia won her first show this year in Scotland!

Natalia specialises in physique building and nutrition and is completely dedicated to her sport and all things fitness.  If you want to book a taster, contact her at

Independent Personal Trainers

Gordon Dillistone


Gordon Dillistone is a tennis professional and personal trainer. Described as a smiling assassin, he can happily converse with his clients in French, German, Spanish and Swedish having lived across Europe whilst studying languages and playing tennis. On returning to Scotland, he quickly found his calling in fitness and has never looked back since. Gordon also runs our very popular circuits and toning classes on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 9.15am which are a ‘killer’.

In addition to classes, Gordon works on a 121 basis with personal training clients.  He is a specialist when it comes to training legs and core, utilising unique methods designed to achieve maximum results in a short space of time. 

If you are interested in Personal Training with Gordon, to find out more please contact him on 07774 945217 or email him at


Joe Mills One Eighty Training


My name is Joe and I’m a fully qualified REPS level 3 personal trainer.

My journey down this road started at school. I was the typical geeky kid – skinny with glasses (add to that, hair that would make Brian May look like an executive director then you can imagine I wasn’t exactly heart throb material).

In my late teens I decided to do something about it and started lifting weights, buying the bodybuilding magazines and all the supplements. I was full of enthusiasm but without having a clue what I was doing this quickly fell by the wayside.

I tried again a few years later and the same thing happened. Back in 2006 I started for a third time, but this time took a bit of notice regarding nutrition – lo and behold I started getting results and progress, nothing startling but I could see and feel a difference. A couple of years ago I decided I did not like my current office job and wanted to do something with my life that I care about and that actually makes a positive difference to people’s lives. The changes I believe in are both mental and physical – this isn’t about going through the motions to burn off that bar of chocolate – this is about making a positive lifestyle choice and changing for the better.
Call: 07505 366333

Matt Peacock – Primal Performance




Craig Smith


Craig has the perfect balance of Fitness ‘know how’ and hands on knowledge. A graduate in Sports & Exercise Science (BSc), he started his career doing grass roots football coaching at local schools and community centres. He then took on a management role at Energy Gym, completing his personal trainer qualifications and building a reputation as a fantastic strength & conditioning coach. Craig discovered CrossFit in 2012 and was instantly impressed both by the ‘science’ behind the programme and results. His own training regime was transformed as was his own physique. Craig is an impressive trainer – book a personal training session to see what we mean.

Call: 07889 25511

Personal Training keeps you focused on goals and ensures that you get the results you want.

You can call Energy Gym on 0131 443 6526 or call/email personal trainers directly for rates and availability