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Youth Strength and Conditioning

Energy Gym is a community that supports fitness for U18s.

At Energy Gym we are serious about our children’s fitness. We understand the challenges that parents face in getting their kids active and how difficult it can be to help them to develop fitness habits for life. Given that 20% of children (10-11yrs) in the UK are now obese, many leaving school with diabetes, we need a new activity options for young people.

Energy Gym is a safe environment, suitable for boys and girls and uniquely creates a community of young people who support and drive each other to be faster, stronger and fitter. We offer the fitness alternative for young people who are not into sports, even those who say they are allergic to exercise.

Young people can start with us from S1. We conduct necessary health questionnaires and ensure that full induction and technique basics are covered. You then have two fitness packages to choose from (or use both):

1.Energy Gym Youth Membership – U18s

We offer special youth memberships from just £22 per month where young people are provided with personalised strength and conditioning programmes. These are regularly reviewed and refreshed.

To book your Youth Induction call Callum on 0131 443 6526.

2.Youth Strength and Conditioning (S&C) Classes (S1 – S4)

We also run weekly S&C classes on Fridays after school at 3.15pm. These S&C sessions are trained by our experienced rugby and personal training team (S1-S4). The sessions are constantly varied so that your young people don’t get bored. These classes are great for kids who don’t necessarily want to play a team sport and like working at their own pace. The exercises are scaled to their physical development so that everyone gets a good workout.  We offer an U18 membership which includes gym and classes for just £35 per month.

To book a free Strength and Conditioning class taster call or email Siobhan (07912 409951) or