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Our Classes

We offer a great range of classes with early morning, daytime and evening classes so that you have options to choose from, irrespective of work and/or family commitments. We have not graded our classes as in reality, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced, you can ‘work’ the class your way ie. do less repetitions, add or remove weights, don’t add too much resistance.  The key is to increase difficulty as you get fitter.  Our trainers will happily give you best advice based on your current fitness levels and will provide you with alternatives if you have any injuries which need to be ‘worked around’.   We have listed below all the FREE TO MEMBER classes we run every week, however, we do have other guest presenter classes including Core Conditioning, Legs, Bums and Tums and Shokotan Karate too – just go to Class Schedule to find out when.


Spinning is a superb high energy cardio workout – perhaps offering the best fat burn possible in a 45-60 minute session.  The class is cycling based, using fixed wheel bikes.  After a brief warm up our trainers take you through a series of hill climbs, sprints and ‘team’ events.  The brakes are used to introduce resistance which is how we simulate a ‘hill’.  The classes are great fun, with team time trials (interval training) and competitive sprints. You choose the resistance which means that even as a beginner you can enjoy this class on your own terms.  If you are more experienced, increase the resistance and push your fitness to new levels – your thighs and lungs will burn. The music is always high energy and motivates you to the finish line.

Circuit Training

The room is split into ‘stations’ where a series of different exercises are laid out.  The circuit is designed to work all major muscle groups plus get your heart rate up for maximum fat burn.  The exercises don’t require any specific training but are challenging, from sit ups to squats with weights, burpees and sprints.  The challenge here is to try to improve the reps you can achieve ie. increase the number of each exercise you can do in a 45 second interval.  The classes are very popular with members buddying up to encourage each other to work harder. A perfect blend of resistance training, body weight exercise and cardio intervals, circuits has something for everyone.

HIIT Gym Circuits

Our Supervisor team run 3 HIIT Gym circuits at7.45pm on Mon, Wed & Fridays.  Each session is different, sometimes body weight only, sometimes a mix of gym equipment will be used to max effect.  This is a short, sharp interval class, designed to raise that heart rate and work the body – functional moves, lots of fun,  designed to work all major muscle groups and build both strength and cardio fitness.  Bring a towel and get ready to sweat!   Ice cool water and protein shakes are onsite to aid recovery!

Kettlebell Circuit

This is a terrific all body workout using lighter weight kettlebells to tone your muscles. The lighter weight is important as you will be doing a series of exercises without stopping, multiple times. Multiple reps work tones muscles giving you definition and not bulk. This is a great alternative to using standard weights/machines and is a tough workout.




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