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COVID-19 means that we have all needed to change the way that we work and PLAY.

Moving forward, we need to work together to make sure that Energy Gym is one of the safest public places you can visit, confident in the knowledge that we are implementing all the safety measures required.

Our COVID Officer has implemented a new ‘operational framework’ based on Scottish Government Health and Safety and SportScotland guidance for gyms and leisure centres. In addition to the steps we believe will be mandatory, we have also been keeping up-to-date on COVID-19 facts and have implemented further changes to ensure that Energy Gym is set up on an ongoing basis.

We have listed below the key changes for easy reference, however don’t worry. The process is fast and designed to cause as little disruption as possible. Please remember to bring your mask and wear it before you enter the building.

If you spot anything within the CrossFit and Gym areas that cause you concern, please do not hesitate to email us and we will rectify it immediately –

Important Changes as follows:

  • Overall gym capacity is capped to ensure that guidelines on ventilation and social distancing are maintained.
  • One-way system: in the main gym, there will be a one-way system with all stations distanced and marked out. Entry will be via the Clubhouse front door, however, you will be required to exit via the firedoors, walking up to the terrace to exit via the terrace gate.
  • Waiting outside only – please wait outside and avoid waiting indoors until a few minutes before your session.  Please use 2m social distancing when approaching reception.
  • Online booking/membership system.   It will NO LONGER BE MANDATORY TO PRE-BOOK YOUR GYM SPOT, however, your visit will be logged on our systems to support Test & Protect.
  • Temperature checks – reception and coaching staff will be checking your temperature on entry. Please ensure that you keep a minimum of 2m distance when waiting to enter.
  • Mask Wearing – masks will be required to enter the Club and indoors when moving around the Gym and/or Crossfit boxes. Once you are in a zoned space (ie. at a weight station or in an exercise zone), you will be allowed to remove your mask whilst exercising.
  • Use of hand sanitiser will be required, before you enter and during sessions.
  • Online COVID Health Check that must be completed weekly, confirming that to your knowledge, you haven’t had any contact with COVID within the last 14 days or recently returned from a country that requires you to quarantine.
  • Social Distancing/Gym zoning – all areas of the Gym will be zoned to maintain social distance.
  • Changing rooms and personal belongings: changing room use is SUSPENDED until further notice. Can you please simply layer clothing and limit personal belongings to keys and phones which can be stored in small lockers via reception or carried with you in your pod.
  • Toilet use  – only one person at a time to use the facilities.
  • Gym Structural Changes – we have removed internal walls to ensure that all areas are fully ventilated. We have also reinforced the gym floors, installed a new sled/prowler track and new olympic lifting platforms.
  • Cleaning & Deep Cleaning: please note that you will be required to sanitise your hands on entry to the Gym. Within the Gym & CrossFit Boxes there will be hygiene kits. Please note that we request that all members to use hand sanitiser regularly throughout your training sessions and also use the bleach spays and towels provided to wipe down kit handles, seats and adjusting knobs before and after use. Our team will also be moving around the gym throughout the day, cleaning kit on an ongoing basis. In addition, the gym will be closed between 2-3pm daily when all surfaces will be deep cleaned.
  • Energy Gym Pods: if you don’t want to share kit in the main gym hall there are two Energy Gym pods which can be booked by the hour that will be set up with bench & bar, kettlebell, weights, choice of cardio machine or any other kit you fancy. We will give priority to members who are older or shielding for POD usage. Please note you can call the team in advance and request specific kit if required on 0131 443 6526.

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