Free weights training, rigs, squat racks, cybex weights machines, running machines, cross trainers, curves, assault bikes, ski ergs, concept 2 bikes, plyo boxes, ropes and so much more...

We offer Energy Gym Exercise PODs for members who want a dedicated weights area and don't want to share kit. PODs can be pre-set up with specific kit on request.

New 'C2' (Concept 2) Classes - these classes are ideal for everyone. You get a great mix of interval training using rowing machines, bikes and ski ergs, body weight and a variety of other kit to give you maximum conditioning.

To reflect changes in sports science and techniques we have changed the way the gym is set up and our approach to training.   Whilst we still provide traditional weights and cardio machines we also now provide dedicated areas called ‘PODs’ for more flexible training.  PODs can be set up with virtually any kit you need for HIIT or strength training – giving you the freedom to ‘workout your way’.  To support this type of training membership includes our NEW Concept 2 (C2) classes too.

C2 classes are a hybrid of spin and HIIT.  We use ski-ergs, rowing machines and new Concept 2 bikes which ride almost the same as road bikes to deliver cardio intervals.  We then mix this up with bodyweight and strength exercises to give you all over conditioning.   Each class is different so you won’t get bored but will get fit – FAST.

See the schedule below for more information.

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The Gym

Energy Gym has evolved and developed a lot over 15 years.  This means that have had to flex our space and develop to reflect changes in sports science and techniques.  We have a great range of kit that supports virtually any form of strength and conditioning training with a great range of new cardio and cybex weights machines.  We also have a large free weights area where you can ‘workout your way’ with a variety of equipment available for use.    This area is currently split into pods that you can pre-book for ‘no share’ use and are able to book the kit you want in advance.

For those who love to lift we have squat racks, a rig, yolk, hex bars, hack squat and a multitude of bars and plates, dumb bells up to 70kg and chains.  If you prefer weight machines we have all you need for a full body workout.    If you love mixing it up we also have a great range of cardio kit including curves, running machines, cross trainers, assault bikes, ergs, ski ergs, concept 2 bikes, wall balls, slam balls, ropes, bands and TRX.

Energy Gym – FitApp (IOS and Android)

Membership* comes with our very own Energy Gym Fit App packed with free gym workouts to try.   The app also allows you to record your vital stats, track your progress and log your own workouts.  It also syncs with other fitness apps such as MyFitness Pal and trackers including FitBit and Apple Watches.

The app is a great place to start for great workouts and include videos to demonstrate technique.  However, the app isn’t personalised to you ie. the weight, reps and sets are generic.

If you are completely new to the gym we recommend you book a PT session to go through a beginner workout with you.  It costs £35 however, this way we can demonstrate the workout, check your technique and establish the weights and sets you should be working with.  Click here to request a beginner session.  

If you already have some gym experience and are a self starter, you are in luck.   In addition to the free workouts we have on the app, we have a selection of 9-12 week programmes you can purchase.    Most programmes include 3-5 workouts per week that will be loaded onto your app so you can start immediately.   You can sync the app with your fitness tracker and log all workouts completed plus track your own progress.   They are ‘self serve’ which means that you can work through them using the videos and instructions.

Programmes available include:

  1. Female Beginner, 4 weeks, 3 workouts per week £60
  2. Female Fat Loss, 12 weeks, 4 workouts per week £150
  3. Female Booty Builder, 12 weeks, 3 workouts per week £120
  4. Female Muscle Gain, 12 weeks, 4 workouts per week £150
  5. Male Beginner, 4 weeks, 3 workouts per week £60
  6. Male Fat Loss, 12 weeks, 4 workouts per week £150
  7. Male Muscle Gain, 12 weeks, 5 workouts per week £150
  8. Hypertrophy – varies – we have different splits and durations – email us for options. Cost £60-£100.

In addition to buying our ‘self serve’ programmes, you can also book a weekly personal training session to accompany your programme, where you review the sessions planned for the week, confirm weights and sets or any adaptations required. You can buy PT packs of 4 for £125 or if you want to book PT for 12 weeks just email us for the special 12 week rate.   Click here to purchase a pack or email us to arrange a programme pack

*Membership applies to all flexible, monthly, 6 month and annual memberships only, not pay as you go.

Weekly Class Summary

Monday – 6pm – C2 with Jonny
Tuesday – 6.30am C2 with Lewis
Wednesday 6pm C2 with Natalia
Thursday – 6.30am – C2 with Lewis
Friday – 9.15am – Bootcamp with Emma
Saturday – 10.00am – C2 with Natalia

All classes are free to members (Flexible, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual).   You can also buy class packs to attend.  Sports Club members can also buy class packs.  Buy a membership or pack on our membership page then get booked in –


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