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General strength and conditioning, weight training, powerlifting, olympic weight lifting.

Coaches who specialise in sports specific training, CrossFit, gymnastics.

'Personal trainers who are highly qualified in pilates, peri and post natal exercise and nutrition for weight loss.

Our gym is home to some of Edinburgh’s best personal trainers, with a fantastic in-house team as well as some very talented independent trainers who have chosen to work from Energy Gym because of the great facility we offer.

Our impressive in-house team is led by Natalia Swanston, L4 personal trainer with over 12 years’ experience in delivering personalised programmes for all types of fitness goals.  In addition to Natalia’s own skills we are home to a range of great fitness trainers who are available to support any questions you may have and deliver Energy Gym personal training and fitness programmes.

Our in-house coaches can provide you with 121 coaching and a personalised programmes for just £40 for one session or just £150 for 4 sessions.    We can also organise a half hour induction for you if you are new to the gym to ensure that you know how to use the equipment safely.

If you would like to book a Personal Training Session or Induction please just complete the form opposite with your email and mobile details and we will get in touch to book your session or call us on 07514 579337.  Or click here to buy a pack and we will give you a call to arrange your session.

We are lucky, as in addition to our own in-house coaches, we have a fantastic group of independent personal trainers working from Energy Gym.  Each one has fitness specialisms including sports performance, bodybuilding, CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, peri and postnatal fitness and nutrition.

So whatever your need, we will have someone who can help.  These coaches have built their reputations on great service, in-depth knowledge and results – check out their information below.

If you are interested in working with a specific trainer, please use the request form opposite, use the drop down to select the coach you are wanting to work with.  They will get back in touch with you ASAP.  

    Our In-house Personal Trainers

    Natalia Swanston

    Natalia is an impressive personal trainer, and is a REPS Level 4 personal trainer which means she has considerable knowledge of advanced personal training programming know-how and nutritional knowledge.  She has been working at Energy Gym for the last 5 years building her client base and transforming clients.  Natalia ‘walks the walk’ when it comes to training and nutrition and is an impressive female physique competitor.  Indeed it was after a successful debut season in female physique competitions, that she decided to focus on personal training as her full time job and share her knowledge to help others. Natalia specialises in weight loss, improving muscle tone and building muscle. Indeed Natalia is a body building and physique specialist who works with body building athletes who want to compete, supporting them with advanced programming and event preparation. In addition to building superior bodies, Natalia is also a post-natal training specialist so can help re-build any damage done and improve overall fitness, focusing on weight loss and body transformation. Natalia offers free 1 hr consultations to discuss your goals and agree a plan of action to help achieve them.

    Personal training packs is cost effective at only £40 per individual session or £150 for 4.

    Click here to buy a pack and we will call you to arrange your session(s).   Or you can call us on 07514 579337 or book in with Natalia at Reception.

    Jonny Murray

    Jonny, originally from Hull is a history and politics graduate who had a successful corporate career in renewables.  However, like many of us he realised that there is more to life and embarked on his own fitness journey, getting into shape and discovering how physical fitness can transform a person both physically and mentally.  He loved the journey and in changing himself, realised that he was passionate about all things fitness.  He therefore gave up the corporate world to re-train as a personal trainer and CrossFit Coach.  Jonny is a new addition to our team but already, we can see that he loves being able to use his gym and crossfit disciplines to really ‘mix it up’ for our members in both classes and 121 coaching.   He is a natural born competitor so knows how to enthuse and motivate himself and others.  Jonny truly believes that we can all better our life circumstances by taking simple steps to become both physically fitter and mentally stronger.

    “There is nothing more satisfying than helping empower people to push outside of their comfort zones and see them realise the true potential for brilliance within! No matter where you are on your fitness journey, whether you are setting foot in the gym for the very first time, or have been an experienced athlete for many years, my priority is to encourage, envision, and help you reach your goals.”

    Independent Personal Trainers

    Mark Flannigan

    Mark is a specialist in Pilates and it’s specific relationship with movement. He is highly qualified with degrees in Exercise Science and Neuromuscular Therapy. With over 30 years experience in both the theory and practical application , you are in safe hands.

    Mark works with people from all backgrounds with a variety of training and therapeutic requirements. This means he works with athletes on performance improvements and/or injury rehabilitation, to post- pregnancy clients and of course to those who want to improve fitness and a relative pain free life.

    Mark offers PT, Neuromuscular Therapy and Pilates 121 sessions and also teaches pilates classes in small groups, which enables him to focus on each individual and help them progress at their own intensity and ability.

    Email: Mflann21@gmail.com
    Phone: 07821944667

    Shayne Shaw – BiFrost Fitness

    Born in Zimbabwe, Shayne started fitness training in a sports medicine facility, which inspired him to
    become a qualified personal trainer. 10 years on, he has worked as a PT in Zimbabwe, London and now Edinburgh.

    Shayne firmly believes in educating clients about training their bodies, but also about educating their minds.

    Everyone should be able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and Shayne can provide you with solutions to any fitness barriers you may have, motivate you and support you in your fitness journey. Shayne is committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals and will provide you with varying challenges, bespoke programming as well as information to improve your nutrition.

    Email – shayne.shaw@bifrostfitness.com
    Phone – 077655 06207
    Website – www.bifrostfitness.com

    Emma Mackey, Pheonix Fitness PT

    I started enjoying fitness in 2011 and I decided to take a huge leap of faith to have a career change to study to become a PT in 2018. I started my PT journey by running weekly Bootcamps and I quickly gained some clients from there. I have been working at Energy gym now for 6 years and I still run 2 classes per week, alongside my 1-2-1 PT sessions. I have helped a variety of clients with their running technique, strength and fitness goals and have gained various certificates along the way.  I firmly believe in the importance of mobility training which I use myself, plus with all my clients, to enable them to move as pain free as possible, then together with strength training, I can help them to become stronger and to reach their goals. I have recently qualified as a Functional Range Conditioning coach and with this new knowledge I hope to be able to help clients to improve their range of motion, to build strength within that range, allowing them to move better for longevity.  Daily movement is essential, over and above everything else and I truly believe this. If you are interested in becoming stronger, moving better, or simply enjoy circuit classes, then please get in touch.

    Email – emmamack75@hotmail.com
    Instagram – phoenixfitnesspt

    Luca Merolle – MR Performance Training

    My name is Luca Merolle and I’m a certified Personal Trainer with over 5 years’ experience delivering a broad range of strength and conditioning training.  Originally from Rome, I have always loved sport and fitness, indeed I came to Scotland to play Semi-Pro Rugby in 2018.   However, rugby isn’t my only passion.  I also take part in combat sports and love mixing these disciplines into client programmes.   I’m really lucky as sport and fitness has given me the ability to travel and train with some of the best Strength and Conditioning coaches in the business.  Working with them as a semi-pro athlete has helped me to identify some great techniques to improve my own athletic performance, which I now use to support my Clients too.

    My programmes are flexible and fun, however, it is your fitness goals are that are important.   Each Client is unique, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re an absolute beginner or an experienced athlete, it is my objective to help you reach your fitness goals and feel the confidence you deserve.

    I will be more than happy to help you achieve your fitness goals for a well-balanced lifestyle.  I believe that life is for living – I’m very passionate about helping you to find happiness in feeling fit and living life to the full.

    Everyone deserves to feel good and confident about themselves.  Let’s work together to make it happen.

    Instagram: lucamerolle OR mrpt_edi
    Email: mrpt.collab@gmail.com

    Whatsapp: +64 211657097

    Joe Mills, Transform – Movement, Body & Therapies

    Joe is a qualified Personal Trainer, Brookbush Institute certified Human Movement Specialist and Manual Therapist.  He is fascinated by all forms of human movement and training, having participated in a variety of disciplines from middle distance running, Bodybuilding, martial arts and Pro Wrestling. He has a particular interest in combining corrective muscle release and activation techniques with exercise; whether that is for rehabilitation / improved quality of life outside the gym, for improved performance in your chosen sporting discipline or for simply looking and feeling good about yourself.  Combined with simple, sustainable but effective nutritional advice, he can give you the tools and support you need.

    Email: Transform.mbt@gmail.com

    Tel: 07505366333

    Rebecca Patterson – she/her.   ThinkFit Training

    Rebecca is a L4 Strength and Conditioning coach and personal trainer, with a BSc in Sport, Fitness and Coaching, and qualifications in nutrition, and pre and post natal coaching. She’s held various IPF Scottish and British Powerlifting records throughout her career, as well as the UKNS Scotland’s Strongest Woman title. She also competed at the Natural Strongman world final in multiple years.

    Rebecca understands that some people can find fitness spaces intimidating, and she is passionate about helping people find their confidence in the gym. Having been all over the spectrum herself in terms of fitness, health and weight, she knows the struggle of creating a positive and effective relationship with exercise and nutrition, and loves helping others on their journey to build their own. She also runs a lifting club for women and gender expansive folks with the aim of creating a nurturing and supportive environment for people to learn and develop their abilities.

    If you want to get into strength training, Rebecca would love to help you.

    Instagram – @thinkfittraining
    Email – thinkfittraining@gmail.com
    Facebook – www.facebook.com/thinkfittrainingedinburgh

    Lynne Pearson, Edinburgh City Personal Trainer

    Lynne is a dedicated and passionate Level 3 Personal Trainer and Faster Trainer Expert. Having spent more than 20 years in the Civil Service ,in a wide range of roles, she decided to leave what had become an unfulfilling job ,take a career break, and follow her love of fitness. A decision she has never regretted one bit!

    Lynne is always energetic, welcoming and attentive with a healthy dose of fun and variety!

    Since 2013 Lynne has worked as a freelance trainer quickly realising her main area of expertise was helping runners to move faster and recover from injuries. A keen recreational runner herself she understands the particular needs of both new and experienced runners. She also has built a wealth of experience in helping those rehabilitating from illness and injury an area she is particularly passionate about.”

    Email – linmpearson@hotmail.com
    Phone – 07835452274

    Andrew Watson, Golf Fitness Coach

    My name is Andrew Watson, I am a TPI Certified personal trainer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Golf has always been a constant in my life… from hitting my first golf ball at the age of 5, to competing for Turnhouse Golf Club’s junior section. However, when I was 17, the opportunity to a start career in football arose and it was too good to turn down, meaning golf – temporarily – took a back seat. Fast forward 6 years to the age of 23 and unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances in the form of a cardiac arrest, it was football that had to take a back seat and once again, golf became the constant in my life. Following on from this, I embarked on a new career in personal training. Once I had 10 years experience behind me and several years of research into the physical training underlying great golfers, I decided to combine the two things I loved: golf and fitness. This was already something I had been incorporating into my own fitness training and using to enhance my golf. Through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) I am now a fully qualified specialist in helping people to optimise their bodies and their range of movement for golf.


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