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Energy Gym & CrossFit Skirmish, Edinburgh’s leading independent gym is expanding in 2016, with a state-of-the-art CrossFit Box/strength & conditioning studio, sponsored by Anytime Leisure, one of the UK’s largest independent fitness equipment suppliers.

The new Box will be kitted out with Anytime Leisure’s own brand of free weights, accessories and functional training equipment – Origin Fitness, and we are proud to say is the first CrossFit Box in the UK to exclusively use this new range.

Anytime Leisure commented: “We are thrilled to be working with a local company to develop the UK’s first Origin Fitness exclusive CrossFit Box. Manufactured to the highest quality our Origin Fitness range is built to withstand the toughest of gym environments and we work hard to understand the many demands of our customers.”

CrossFit Skirmish Director, Alexander Voronov (Sasha) concurs.  He chose Origin Fitness above other brands because it is designed for heavy duty punishment:   “CrossFit is tough on all the kit –  bumper plates and bars are dropped literally hundreds of times per day with a lot of force, other items such as plyo boxes are prone to damage simply because of the pounding they receive from our members.   Origin Fitness was the only choice for our Box because after testing, it came out the strongest”.

CrossFit Skirmish opened in January 2015 as a small trial at Energy Gym.  They had limited kit but a very talented coaching team, headed by Sasha Voronov.   Only one year down the line, due to overwhelming demand, they are launching a larger state-of-the-art CrossFit Box within the gym, which launches on Saturday 16th January 2016.

Siobhan Barry, Director at Energy Gym picks up the story:  “We had been doing functional training at Energy Gym for years, moving out machines and focusing on alternative training methods, old school body weight circuits, HIIT training and Olympic lifting.  We also used kettlebells, TRX, battle ropes, rigs, Indian clubs, plyo boxes, exercise balls and free weights.  We saw CrossFit and realised it was the natural development of the training we knew worked, so approached Sasha to develop CF Skirmish at Energy Gym.   The response to our initial trial was phenomenal, with customers telling us that Sasha and his team are delivering superior coaching and programming.  This is why we are developing a larger area within the gym, specifically for CrossFit”. 

Choosing Anytime Leisure was a no-brainer.  They are a local business who are now one of the UK’s leading independent kit suppliers.  We have also worked with Josh Bicknell and the team at Anytime Leisure for years because their kit offers amazing value and their service is great.  We were happy to test their new Origin Fitness range, then delighted when not only did some of their team join CrossFit Skirmish, but offered to sponsor our new, state-of-the-art development too. 

We are also lucky to be working with Jonny Jenkins at Solid Athletix, who are supplying our custom made Rig.  Solid Athletix are another fantastic Scottish company who are leading the field in Rig design and supporting our new venture too.

Whilst this new facility is built for CrossFit, it is also a state of the art Strength & Conditioning facility, with weightlifting platforms where up to 18 folks can take part in Olympic Lifting, a  Rig, plus a whole range of other kit ideal for functional training.   You don’t need to CrossFit to use this area, just buy a CrossFit membership to get access to the main gym plus this new area outwith CrossFit class times.  

In addition to the main studio upgrade, we are expanding our core business Energy Gym proposition too.  For weightlifters who want to develop their skills further, we offer top notch British Weight Lifting coaching at the Skirmish Olympic Weightlifting Club which is now open to non-CrossFit members.  Also,  thanks to teaming up with our  community partners St Andrew Boat Club, Scotland’s leading rowing club, we will have a large suite of new ERGS (rowing machines).   This will mean we can offer rowing training for up to 20 people at once,making Energy Gym and CrossFit Skirmish one of the few facilities in Scotland that can offer this.     

It is a privilege to work with local businesses such as Anytime Leisure, Solid Athletix & St Andrew Boat Club  as we believe in directly supporting our community.   We also know that we provide the best fitness and training facility to our customers because of the service and community we provide”.


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