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Hi All,

Energy Gym is open everyday: Christmas Eve 6.30am till 5pm, Christmas Day 10am till 2pm, Boxing Day 10am till 2pm. Same pattern for New Year.

Our classes and hard-working teachers are also taking a break over Christmas and the New Year – details below.

Have a great Christmas and New Year All.

Energy Gym – Festive Season Class Update

  • Body Conditioning & Legs Bums & Tums – last class Wednesday 16th December, resumes Wednesday 6th January.
  • Circuits – last class Monday 21st December.   Both classes resume Wednesday 6th Jan 2016.
  • Core & Kettlebells – last class on Saturday 19th December, resumes Saturday 9th January.
  • Spinning – last class Tuesday 22nd Dec, resumes Tuesday 5th January.