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FREE Ben Coomber/Body Type Nutrition – Sports Nutrition Seminar @ Energy Gym

By 6 May 2015September 28th, 2021No Comments

Ben coomber

Ben Coomber’s team of nutritionists is in town for the Body Type Nutrition Conference. We are extremely lucky to have bagged his team for a speedy EARLY MORNING nutrition workshop at Energy Gym & CrossFit Skirmish. This workshop is on Thursday 21st May, 7-8am and is FREE.

Tom Bainbridge, one of Ben’s specialists will be covering nutrition for recovery, general rules plus calorie balance, then PERFORMANCE nutrition for training heavy, power-lifting and competition preparation. Then a quick overview of BTN products to support it. Tom Bainbridge and Jack Coomber will be around after the session for Q&A and to talk about the main BTN conference at Ratho afterwards.   They will also have some sample goodies too. Remember to download the Ben Coomber podcast if you haven’t already – motivational radio to listen to at all times!

Callum Watt our new Energy Gym manager and Sasha Voronov our CrossFit Head Coach will also be on hand to show you around Energy Gym & CrossFit Skirmish afterwards too, you can pick up a protein cookie or flapjack and coffee to go before heading to work.

The session will give you a snack sized bundle of great advice on nutrition for performance and is open to members and NON MEMBERS, so LIKE this and share/tag with others. Numbers are limited to 30 with only a few spaces left, so go to our facebook page and JOIN the event at the top of the page now.