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New C2 Classes at Energy Gym – proving a HIIT with members already

By 13 October 2021No Comments

Our new C2 (Concept 2) classes are proving to be really popular with members and non members – classes are super busy.  C2 classes are a hybrid of great HIIT cardio and strength training.

We use Concept 2 equipment which includes rowing machines, ski ergs and bikes, programming each class in intervals to give you a great cardio workout and mixing this up with strength work including bodyweight, kettlebells and other kit.   The result is brilliant all over conditioning and a great fun workout.   The classes last 45 mins and are designed to get you fit, fast.   We have set them up as small groups on purpose, so you get great coaching.  The real joy of these classes is that you can work to your own level, making them accessible to athletes and beginners alike.   The classes are free to members and non-members can attend using day or class passes.  Go to to register and book in.