21 September 2015

Squat Therapy Workshop – Sat 3rd October

Skirmish Squat Workshop

Hi All,

Our Skirmish Olympic Lifting team are doing a squat therapy workshop on Saturday 3rd October from 1-4pm.   Non CrossFit members are welcome to join for just £12 which is insane value for a 3 hour workshop.  Book here:  Squat Therapy Workshop

This is an intense session, we will focus on both front and back squats, breaking the moves down to improve technique and performance. We will cover the following:

Squat benefits
How to squat
Form and depth
Squat technique
Squat variations
Squat safety
Common issues – avoiding pain and injury
Squat stretches

This workshop is free for members, £12 for non-members. Booking is essential.